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Heather Grace

Founder & creative director

I get inspired, obsess over an idea, and work passionately until it is perfect.  I can’t help it. I have been this way my whole life and have been lucky enough to turn it into a living. Multiple livings actually; designing everything from logos to furniture, planning everything from events to marketing strategies, and working with everyone from a cab driver to Fortune 500 companies.

When I am not working I like to unwind with live music and craft brews, release tension with kickboxing, get inspired by artists Instagram feeds, and talk to anyone that will listen. So please reach out if you want to listen to me talk; or better yet if you want to collaborate on a project.



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Some time a while ago, you had an idea that sparked your business. Ideas are easy, but actually follow thru is hard. But you did it anyways. Weather it was launching a business, starting a fundraiser, or selling a product - you decided to follow that spark and continue working at it, and look at where you are now! That spark, the one that started your entire company -

That spark is the beginning of your brand!

Your company, the products you sell, the services you offer, the knowledge you have acquired - that is all from you. The way you connect with people, the story of why you started in the first place, the passion behind it all - that is all you! You are the spark of your brand, the reason for its existence and that is why I spend time to get to know you before I even start to put pen to paper.

Because you are the spark of your brand!

The mission of Studio Sparx is to connect people with great ideas with the people who are in need of those great ideas. I focus on your passion, authenticity, expertise, and target market to develop your brand voice and reach your audience.

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