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You hustle everyday, know this industry inside-out, and do it all with a smile

Shouldn’t your brand reflect that?

Visual branding, website design, and marketing services to make sure your audience knows why you are the best.



This is so exciting, you are either thinking of launching your own biz or you’ve been hustling already. Either way, you are ready to up your brand game, but you have a zillion things to do and basically no time to do it.

I got you! Hi, I’m Heather :)

And just like you, I started Studio Sparx not that long ago and I know the hard work and dedication it takes to launch your own company. That’s why the mission of Studio Sparx is to create a stream lined, simple, and fun experience to help entrepreneurs and small businesses to discover their brand voice, share it with the world, and connect with their target audience.

So take a breath...or a sip of wine

Have a look around the site, and then make sure to grab your FREE CONSULTATION so you can stop feeling frustrated and start feeling empowered! After all, you have an empire to build!

Oh, and you totally got this!


* Heather



You're gonna need a plan!

Packages curated for whatever step you are on to world domination



✔ Visual Branding

This is the perfect package to get you started so you can network your ideas and land clients while you are still starting out.

Save $150


✔ Visual Branding

✔ Website Design

For those of you who need to bring it to the next level with a stunning visual brand and a gorgeous Squarespace website.

Save $450


✔ Visual Branding

✔ Website Design

✔ Marketing Collateral

The package that has everything you need to start your brand and reach your target audience.

Save $1,100



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Some of the latest & greatest

Featured Project:

Braden Real Estate

Branding, Website, & Marketing Collateral


Inspiration Station


Studio Sparx is more than just beautiful branding and awesome websites.

My goal is really about encouraging other entrepreneurs to listen to their heart and follow their dreams!

Today you may need some mood board inspiration, tomorrow may be a pep talk on learning how to take a break - either way I have a post for that!



Website Content Creator


The Studio Sparx Website Content Creator is a Microsoft Word Doc that guides you to develop compelling, informative, and authentic copy to reach your target audience.

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